Part-Time Mail Processing Specialist

Posted on: July 11, 2024
This position is located in: Chamberlain

Summary of Position


The Mail Processing Specialist is responsible for opening and sorting incoming mail as well as processing all donations.

The position offers flexible schedules with summers off.  This is a nonexempt position.


 Reports to the Mail Processing Manager

Core Responsibilities

 Always follows established policies and procedures of the Mail Processing Department.


1. Operates the mail opening machines. Sorts the replies and donations into specified categories.
2. Processes mail/cash, separates donations from reply devices and makes a note of currency received from the
3. Performs data entry per established procedures. This includes keeping the donor history file accurate by setting
needed codes, making changes and entering accurate donations in a timely manner.
4. Operates the Mavro imaging system to process reply devices along with cash, check and credit card donations.
This includes all workflow steps to get batches ready to release for the deposit.
5. Performs responsibilities as needed to ensure the mail production is within three (3) business days during off
peak times and within five (5) days during the peak season. This includes working overtime as required.
6. Sorts and condenses the daily mail trays from the Post Office.
7. Is responsible for opening the rebounds and the shredding of processed check/credit card information.
8. Maintain tight security and confidentiality of all donor information.
9. Performs other responsibilities as assigned by Mail Processing Manager.


 High School diploma or equivalent
 Typing skills required
 Computer experience required

Physical Demands

 Uses both hands and wrists repetitively for prolonged periods.

Expectations of Hours Worked

40 hours/week