Tech Support Technician

Posted on: June 4, 2024
This position is located in: Chamberlain

Summary of Position

The Tech Support Technician is responsible for diagnosing, troubleshooting, and resolving technical issues in a timely
and efficient manner. This role involves providing support to users through various channels such as phone, email, chat,
or in-person. The technician must possess strong problem-solving skills and a thorough understanding of computer
systems, software, and hardware. This is a nonexempt position.


Reports to the Technology Manager

Core Responsibilities

Provide Tech Support to Organization


1. Provides technical support to staff and provides problem resolution for computer hardware and software, printers,
scanners, phones and voice mail. Identify the root cause of technical problems by gathering information from
users, running diagnostic tests, and using problem-solving techniques.
2. Set up and configure computer systems, applications, and peripherals for new users or when upgrading systems.
3. Monitor and maintain computer systems, Software and networks to ensure they operate efficiently. Perform regular
updates and maintenance tasks.
4. Provides support for campus video security, electronic lock system, presentation equipment, web cams, and sound
5. Inspects, tests, and determines what is to be done with donated technology equipment. Rebuilds, distributes, and
provides support for surplus computers.
6. Maintains confidentiality and strict security concerning sensitive information.
7. Performs other responsibilities as required by the Technology Manager.


 Bachelor’s Degree preferred
 Associate’s Degree in Computer Science with one-year related experience accepted
 Willingness to stay updated on industry trends and new technologies
 Ability to work independently and as part of a team
 Should possess excellent oral and written communication skills
 Strong interpersonal skills needed to elicit cooperation

Physical Demands

 Uses both hands and wrists repetitively for prolonged periods.
 Occasionally lifts, carries or otherwise moves and positions objects weighing up to 50 lbs.
 Occasionally bends, stoops, crouches, and climbs stairs.

Expectations of Hours Worked

40 hours/week