Middle School Math Teacher

Posted on: September 8, 2023
This position is located in: Chamberlain

Summary of Position

The Middle School Math Teacher is responsible for the instruction of students, organization of instructional lessons and
implementation of the education curriculum, while being a contributing member of the community. This is an
exempt position.


Reports to the Director of Education

Core Responsibilities

 Supports and models the Catholic Mission and the Native American Culture that are the foundations of
St. Joseph’s Indian School.
 Promotes a reclaiming environment for all students through the Circle of Courage.


1. Implements the educational curriculum as prescribed through written action plans. Ensures that lesson
plans correlate with established plans of study and contain specific instructional objectives and
2. Works with Special Education staff to develop, implement, and monitor individual education plans.
3. Accurately evaluates and records student achievement and progress for reporting to the
administration and team members serving the child.
4. Uses differentiated instruction to meet the needs of students.
5. Promotes teamwork and open communication through regular participation in discussions with other
staff who also directly supervise student, i.e. houseparents, other teachers, Family Services Counselors,
and families of students.
6. Acts in accordance to the Guidelines established by the school administration to provide effective
supervision and quality education.
7. Supervises students outside of school hours as required. Employee will be notified prior to any
scheduling of additional supervision.
8. Effectively uses planning time for job-related duties and activities.
9. Immediately reports to the community administration, any type of abuse or neglect (suspected or
alleged) as well as any serious accidents or illnesses affecting the student.
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10. Conveys clear behavioral expectations to students and monitors compliance. Accepts the
responsibility for care, instruction, and discipline of individual students and groups of students using
appropriate discipline techniques as necessary. Provides structure while enforcing all rules and
regulations governing student conduct.
11. Oversees the care of school property used in the classroom, reporting damages to Community
Administration and completing the necessary maintenance requisitions.
12. Assists with completion of state or local reports, surveys, inventories, plans of study and any form
13. Works toward professional growth by attending workshops, visiting educational facilities and taking
continuing education courses.
14. Completes other responsibilities as required by the Director of Education.


 Four year degree in Education
 South Dakota teaching certification

Physical Demands

 Uses both hands and wrists repetitively for prolonged periods.

Expectations of Hours Worked

At least 40 hours/week