Application For Enrollment

Thank you for considering St. Joseph’s Indian School.  St. Joseph’s provides a wide range of services that include education, counseling, family group living, and spiritual growth opportunities.  We are accredited by the State of South Dakota and by the Council on Accreditation.

The mission of St. Joseph’s is to provide a supporting and nurturing environment that will help meet the child’s needs at this time in their life.  The child’s culture and heritage are respected and our services and activities are sensitive to Native American values.

At St. Joseph’s children are given opportunities to experience success.  We believe in each child and have high expectations for academic achievement and expect hard work in school studies.  As well, we expect each student to contribute to the family-like atmosphere in the homes.  Our experience has shown that students feel much better about themselves when they achieve well in school and make positive contributions in the home.  Appropriate expectations help children gain self-confidence and grow in their abilities.

If you feel St. Joseph’s Indian School would benefit your child, please complete this Application for Enrollment.  There is an ongoing waiting list for admission, and unfortunately, not all who apply can be admitted.  When an opening becomes available, a team of staff members reviews all prospective applicants.  You will be notified as to the status of your application.  Again, thank you for your interest in St. Joseph’s Indian School.

Thank you for your interest in St. Joseph’s Indian School.  Admission to SJIS is based on the number of spaces available in the classrooms and in the homes by grade level and by gender.  Consideration is given to the applicant’s academic abilities, character, and the contribution made to his/her previous school communities.  The admission committee also seeks evidence of independence, community involvement and concern for others.

ALL forms must be completed (entirely) and returned to be considered for enrollment.  A complete application consists of the following:

Complete Application Packet

  • Student Application Form
  • Health History Form and Medical Release
  • Release of School Records Form
  • Address Description Form
  • HIPAA Form
  • Notice of Privacy Practices

Submit Required Documentation

The following records are requirements of the Division of Education and Accreditation and St. Joseph’s Indian School and need to accompany this application:

  • A copy of the latest report card and standardized test scores
  • A state certified copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • A copy of the child’s social security card
  • A copy of immunization (St. Joseph’s Indian School requires students to be up to date with State of South Dakota minimum required age appropriate immunizations in accordance with South Dakota codified law 13-28-7.1)

Mail to: Julie Lepkowski, PO Box 89, St. Joseph’s Indian School, Chamberlain, SD 57325

Supplemental Documentation

  • A copy of the latest report card and standardized test scores
  • A copy of the IEP (when applicable)
  • A copy of Medicaid card
  • Certificate of Indian Blood
  • Legal Custody Form/Custody Document/Court Order (if applicable)

Please note: Incomplete application packets will not be reviewed.

Falsification or withholding any information in this application will be grounds for non-acceptance or immediate dismissal of your child.

Both natural parents of a child will be considered legal guardians of that child.  The school must be notified of any special arrangements concerning the legal guardianship of a child.  Any pertinent legal documents regarding guardianship must be provided for the child’s school file.