New High School Learning Center Makes the Grade

Posted on: January 15, 2020
A spacious, new High School Learning Center makes the grade with current technology and a positive environment. This new space is boosting confidence, ratcheting up learning, and making grades for St. Joseph’s Indian School’s high school students who reside on St. Joseph’s campus and attend Chamberlain High School. The center opened in fall 2019 in refurbished space in the Benedictine Building. The area includes a well-lit, large open area with a student union vibe and three quieter side rooms where students can receive individualized instruction from a tutor or just find the space they need to focus.
St. Joseph’s Indian School High School Learning Center is a great addition that allows for more space to learn for our High School students.

Students say:

  • “The different Rooms allow me to get a quiet place where I can focus and be alone to work on my assignments.” – Lilli
  • “I like that there are staggered times and rooms where the tutors can sit with me and help me.” – Paige
  • “I went to the Learning Center a lot last year, but it was hard to get assignments done because it was so crowded. Now I can go and focus because there is more space.” – LaShawn

Houseparent and tutor Renee Left Hand Bull says, “The kids respect the new space much more and seem to take pride in it. Now there is an area on campus to support their educational success. Students encourage others to do well, and they support each other.”

But the results speak for themselves. At the close of the first semester, ten students achieved a 3.0 grade point average, with three of them at 3.5 or higher. Sixteen students had started the year on an academic agreement, but at the end of the semester, only one remained. Some 600 individual student visits to the center during the semester tell the rest of the story.

There are currently 39 students enrolled in the St. Joseph’s Indian School High School program. 43% of those students participate in sports and 12% are involved in clubs at Chamberlain High School. 25% have a part-time job in the community.

Visit our High School Learning Center page on our website to learn more about this great opportunity for our High School students. You can also check out Chamberlain Public High School by clicking here.

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