Grades 1-2

Grades 1-2 are the primary building blocks for the success of Native American Students at St. Joseph’s Indian School. Many first graders come to us with no prior educational experience.

First Grade – Abby Bates

First grade is foundational. Abby Bates is our capable first-grade teacher with a number of years’ experience. This is the year when students begin reading and math. Abby also seeks to instill independence. You are welcome to visit her class to “see the light bulbs come on” in her students’ minds. Abby nourishes the class with high expectations and positive reinforcement.

During Fall 2020, St. Joseph’s Indian School is not accepting new students because of COVID-19. This allows the school to best focus on the families with whom we already have strong relationships, as well as monitor the health and safety of everyone. Abby will lend her talents to support other teachers.

Second Grade – Annie Schoenhard & Jessamy Truman

Teachers Annie Schoenhard and Jessamy Truman each lead a section of second grade. Mastery for the second-grade student is knowing it’s alright to learn from mistakes.

You’ll find that by second grade, students are engaged planners, problem solvers and brainstormers, capable of setting and reaching goals. Confident and motivated, they ask and answer questions.

Jessamy and Annie build relationships with their students by attending after-school activities, relating to their families and knowing their favorite things. Both teachers love witnessing the “A-ha!” moments and say that teaching is not a job but a calling and a mission. For them, St. Joseph’s Indian School is a community of mission-driven people who are here to make a difference.