Phone Numbers to Know

Jennifer Renner-Meyer, Executive Director of Child Services 605-234-3369

School Office 605-234-3317

Julie Lepkowski, Admissions 605-234-3465

Robyn Knecht, Director of Counseling Services 605-234-3268

Sharmel Olson, Director of Education (Principal) 605-234-3242

Jenna Hieb, Director of Health and Wellness 605-234-3467

Joe Tyrell, Director of Mission Integration 605-234-3278

Deanna Handel, Director, 1-6 Grades 605-234-3305

Travis Hallock, Residential Director, 7-12 Grades 605-234-3385

Clare Willrodt, Director of Communications and Outreach 605-234-3352

Jean Renbarger, Central Records 605-234-3265

Health Center 605-234-3321

Rec Center 605-234-3412