High School Homes

High School homes include Giles and Crane in the Kateri Building and Hogebach and Sheehy located up the hill from the main campus.

After eighth-grade graduation, students can choose to pursue the high school program. They complete an application and interview process to ensure they accept the opportunities and guidance of the high school program.

Success in the high school years means students can connect their academic knowledge to their personal lives. High school houseparents help students experience success, identify personal strengths, set realistic personal goals, problem solve, collaborate and take on challenges.

At this age, students need the skills to effectively self-assess their work and personal progress and understand who they are culturally and spiritually. Houseparents strive to identify students’ strengths and give specific praise. Cooperation is king during these years. High school homes are extremely busy with students working part-time jobs after school, participating in extracurricular activities and preparing for post graduate years.

Like our younger students, high school students participate in community living. Responsibilities include meal preparation, independent completion of homework, accessing assistance from the learning center and involvement in service projects. Students tell us they feel they have the freedom they need to grow, learn and thrive, and at the same time understand the expectations our program gives them to be safe and productive.

Expanded opportunities include driver’s education to assist students to become safe, responsible drivers and earn driving privileges in the Chamberlain community. There are many other possibilities on campus such as junior houseparent, tutor positions and helping with activities at the Rec Center. Through Big Sisters, high school girls plan fun interactions with younger students from pumpkin carving to writing thank you cards and more. These opportunities are another building block in the relationship foundation we hope all of our students have. Younger students love this time with the older role models.

Unlike elementary age students, high school students do not attend school on campus but go to the local public high school. We work closely with Chamberlain High School to ensure each of our high school students has the same opportunity to thrive in a public school setting.