Our Health Philosophy

At St. Joseph’s Indian School, our health philosophy keeps the child at the center of providing quality health care at no cost for common illnesses and dental, eye care, and wellness services. This may also include diagnostic and therapeutic interventions and referral services if needed.  When students require specialized care, the school helps students access it through providers in the community and the region.

Our parent and guardian partners are essential to attaining and maintaining student health, and our health center team involves them in their student’s care as much as possible. Whether it’s a phone call to inform them that a student has a common cold or helping provide transportation to a specialty-care visit, we want our parents and guardians as up-to-date on their student’s health as possible.

Employees and their immediate family members also have access to the clinic, and all who come here for care are treated with dignity, confidentiality and privacy.

Through modern technology, best practices, and high safety standards, St. Joseph’s Indian School exercises careful stewardship of health care resources for our students, employees and their families.

Also, we provide transportation services to students for off-site consultations and after-hour nurse access for acute student needs.