Library is a favorite class for every grade at St. Joseph’s Indian School. Here students learn to love reading and develop important skills for future growth and study. You can access the school’s library website to learn more about the class.

Claire Nehring teaches library skills to students in the first through eighth grades. Goals of her curriculum are:

Library Internal

  • Students read and engage for academic and personal growth. This includes getting to know more authors, illustrators and series as well as different kinds of books and writing styles.
  • Students learn research strategies to build and share knowledge. This includes seeking information on personal interests as well as things they need to know for school work.
  • Students know safe, ethical and legal ways to share and use information in the digital age. This includes knowing how to be responsible with their own online information and following copyright and fair-use rules. For older students it means learning the validity of a source.

Claire weaves culture into her classroom and leads students through spontaneous explorations on various subjects to allow them to innovate. For example, second-grade students created a puppet show from a favorite book, and seventh-graders discovered a way to help endangered turtles.

Claire regularly attends the South Dakota State Library Association‘s Boot Camp for school librarians.