Lunch Life

Lunch Life

Lunch life is another name for the mid-day bustle at St. Joseph’s Indian School, and it all centers around the Dining Hall where elementary students and many staff members are served up nutritious helpings of delicious food. Meal planning and preparation follow CATCH guidelines, and there is always a fully stocked salad bar with fruits and vegetables, yogurts, cheese and more.

Meal planning also includes collaboration with the school calendar. For instance, students were served up “green eggs and ham” during Dr. Seuss Week. Staff in the Dining Hall also enjoy kid-friendly holiday merrymaking, Halloween being their personal favorite.

The Dining Hall serves more than 36,000 meals each year, not including special events. Special occasions include National Family Night, Graduations, Reception of the Sacraments, an annual staff-appreciation breakfast and more, and our culinary team makes certain that meals around these special events are fit for the occasion.

The culinary team prepares more than 75,000 CATCH healthy fruits and vegetable snacks each year to the elementary school snack cooler. Students have at least two servings of these vitamin-rich snacks each day.

Staff in the Dining Hall work to provide and clean, caring and friendly environment. You always get a helping of friendly with every meal.