Parenting Resources

Parenting Resources

Parenting resources are provided here to help parents utilize the same approaches with their children as houseparents, teachers and counseling staff at St. Joseph’s Indian School. Click on the image below for a printable pdf or ask your Family Service Counselor to print, laminate and mail a copy to you.

For inspiration about keeping students busy at home, check out these resources.

Strengths-Based Parenting Resource

Strengths-Based Parenting is an approach that glances at the weaknesses and gazes at the strengths. This is the approach St. Joseph’s Indian School uses in all facets of our work. Staff receive specific training to ensure consistency across the organization.

Handling Homesickness Resource

Feelings of homesickness are common. Here parents and their children who prepare to handle homesickness offer some insights into making the transition to residential school more comfortable for everyone. Always know that your child’s family service counselor is available to assist you with this.

Student Return Winter 2021 Resources

Student Return Winter 2021 Resources are included below to help ease the transition back to school. These have been mailed home and placed on the Family Connections Facebook page, as well.

Strengths Based Parenting Resource
Strengths-Based Parenting Resource
Check This Out Updated 2020
Check This Out
Remotely Possible Updated 2020
Remotely Possible
High School Specific Updated 2020
High School Specific Information
Handling Homesickness Ressource
Handling Homesickness Resource

Safety Measures Updated 2020
Safety Resources
Phases Updated 2020
We Are Going Through a Phase
Community Conscious Updated 2020
Community Conscious