Our Facility

Our Facility

Our facility was constructed in 2017. The first floor of the Dehon Health and Family Services Center houses the Health Center, and the second floor houses Counseling Services.

The building is connected to the school. Two large waiting rooms open to the health center clinic that provides a reception area, staff workroom, medication room, four exam rooms, lab area, student day-stay rooms with a total occupancy limit of 10 students, kitchen, soiled and clean utility rooms, storage, conference room, six offices and a janitor’s storage room.

Health Center Mural

In January 2019, internationally acclaimed artist Bro. Mickey McGrath worked with students to paint the mural that graces the north wall of the waiting area. The mural depicts the Blessed Mother in the center holding the Christ child. Her garment forms a teepee because she is the home in which Jesus took flesh on earth.

To the left of the Blessed Mother stands Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American Saint. She stands on a turtle to represent the creation story of her Mohawk and Algonquin heritage.

To the right, Black Elk stands on the Paha Sapa (Black Hills), the sacred ground of the Lakota people and the site of their creation story. Themes of nature, diversity and the cosmos are felt throughout this mural.