Computer Studies

Computer Studies are an essential part of preparing students for tomorrow. Whether you want to do research, master a certain software, write a computer program or learn about life, Gina McManus’ first-through-eighth grade Computer Studies class is the place it happens.

Computer Studies is a subject area that has taken on added importance during these COVID-19 days. In fall 2020, each student is receiving a Chromebook for both on-campus remote learning and potential off-campus distance learning. During the first days back at school, additional coursework is taking place to boost students’ abilities with this technology. St. Joseph’s Indian School teachers are fortunate to have long-used technology in the classroom, so the adaptations needed to make Chromebook learning successful aren’t too daunting.

Computer Studies Internal

In the computer lab, students are encouraged to use all the resources available to them to complete assignments – and that includes other students and herself. “In the real world,” she says, “when we have problems we can reach out and ask for help.”

Gina most enjoys watching students succeed for life and stays in touch with students beyond their grade-school years. She says the feeling you have made a difference in someone’s life is a key motivator for always doing her best.