St. Joseph’s Indian School is governed by a Board of Directors that is responsible for overseeing our programs and activities. We are grateful to this talented group of Priests and Deacons of the Sacred Heart, experienced business leaders and interested community partners.

Ed Kilanski
Fr. Ed Kilianski, SCJ,
Provincial Superior
Board Member Ex-Officio

David Nagel
Dn. David Nagel, SCJ,
Provincial Treasurer
Board Member Ex-Officio

Fr Hendrik
Fr. Christianus Hendrick, SCJ,
South Dakota Superior
Board Member Ex-Officio

Doug Knust
Doug Knust

Terry Johnson

Fr Jack Krups
Fr. Jack Kurps, SCJ
Executive Director Sacred Heart
Southern Missions
Board Member

Francis Whitebird
Francis Whitebird
Board Member

Mike Tyrell 1
Mike Tyrell
President CPOSH SD

Kory Christianson 1
Kory Christianson
Executive Director