The World as a Classroom

The World as a Classroom

The World as a Classroom refers to the opportunities for our students to travel designed by St. Joseph’s Indian School over the years. Through these trips, students learn how to pack, use the airport, access ground transportation and stay safe while away from home.

Donor Luncheons

Several opportunities each year allow students to apply and interview to attend a donor luncheon. The two who are selected might travel to Chicago, Ill., San Diego, Calif., or elsewhere – wherever our donors might gather to learn more about St. Joseph’s Indian School and hear from our students first-hand. The public speaking aspect strengthens student maturity, and students experience many firsts on these exciting trips.

Germany Trip

Each year high school students are offered the chance to try out for one of four spots on the trip to our sister school in Germany. The first three days are spent in a European city sight-seeing and acclimating to the climate and time. Then it’s on to our sister school Gymnasium Lioninum in Handrup, Germany, where they are greeted by families who will host the students during their week-long stay at the school. During the school week, our students give presentations and learn about German school life, visiting local sites with families during the off time. A donor luncheon in Frankfurt is part of the experience, as well.

Home Trips

Houseparents look forward to the opportunity to plan a trip somewhere in the state that will expose the children in their care to something new and fun that perhaps the students never imagined doing. Students thrive experiences such as ordering off a menu, trying new foods and new activities, and the whole home benefits from a family vacation atmosphere that strengthens bonds and allows everyone to relate in a new way away from the school setting.

Annual Cultural Trip

An Annual Cultural Trip takes students completing the seventh grade on a week-long journey to sites of cultural, spiritual and historical significance to the Lakota. They travel across South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming in this learning opportunity. Prior learning makes the trip more enriching for the seventh-graders, and they present their experience to other students upon returning.