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Rock your Mocs

Rock Your Mocs, is a worldwide Native American & Indigenous Peoples social media unity event held annually and during November, National Native American Heritage Month.

Buffalo Harvest

On November 19, 2020, St. Joseph’s Indian School eighth-grade students and staff ventured to the Lower Brule Sioux Reservation on a brisk and cold morning to experience what would be for some a “once in a lifetime” buffalo harvest. This is the first-ever St. Joseph’s Indian School organized buffalo harvest.

Cedar and Sage Tea

Watch the video to see how you, too, can make cedar and sage tea.

Jingle Dress History

The history of the jingle dress began during another pandemic.

Making of the Jingle Dress

Staff and students at St. Joseph’s Indian School created a jingle dress during the current pandemic to dance for healing.

Pahá Makȟásaŋ Lowáŋpi (Drum Group)

The Pahá Makȟásaŋ Lowáŋpi sing the Lakota Flag Song. The song gives voice to Native American Veterans. Included is a translation of the Lakota Flag Song and history of the Lakota (Sioux) Flag Song.

Native American Day Parade 2023

In 2023, St. Joseph’s Indian School students participated in the Native American Day parade in Sioux Falls.

Copy Of Native American Day
Yellow Orange Abstract Lines Art Pamphlet Tri Fold Brochure