Our Parent Advisory Committee

Our Parent Advisory Committee

Our Parent Advisory Committee informs our work. Because families are such an integral part of a child’s education, health and growth, St. Joseph’s Indian School relies on members of the committee to provide insight and feedback on programs, services and challenges. The group consists of a number of individuals who are either parents, grandparents or guardians of students.

Their priceless perspective ensures holistic care and individual attention for students who attend our school.

The members of the committee meet twice yearly to advise on crucial areas like high school education, cultural sensitivity, new programs, alumni initiatives, grief counseling and other issues our students face. Under special circumstances, we consult with them and occasionally convene an additional meeting. They review policy and communications and offer suggestions to improve our programs.

They are a vital voice for families at St. Joseph’s Indian School. We are grateful for their support and insight.

Pictured back row, left to right: Lydia Sazue, Lower Brule; Jennifer Renner-Meyer, Executive Director of Child Services; Sheree Bagola, Sioux Falls, Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe; Josie Skunk, Lower Brule; Candace Hollow Horn, Faith, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

Pictured middle row: Richard Stracqualursi, and Francis Stracqualursi, Rapid City, Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe.

Pictured front row, left to right: Deanna Handel, 1-6 Residential Director; Joe Tyrell, Director of Mission Integration; Frank Whipple, 7-8 Residential Coordinator; Michell Eggers, Data and Program Analyst.

Not pictured: Avis Dion, Lower Brule; Troylynn Peneaux, Rosebud.