Our Care

Our Care

The health care team strives to provide the best possible care following these objectives:

1. To promote health and wellness on the St. Joseph’s Indian School campus by providing annual student physicals; acute and chronic care for students, employees, and employee’s immediate family; immunizations and flu shots with guardian consent; and referrals to specialized care

2. To provide for the dental and ophthalmological needs of the students in an efficient and timely manner, using local resources whenever possible to minimize the time students are out of school

3. To encourage an open line of communication and work closely with Child Services staff to ensure the needs of students are monitored and addressed efficiently and that houseparents have the information and medication needed to properly meet students’ health needs

4. To provide general health and medication administration education to Child Services staff during orientation, and as situations arise, and to build competency as needed

5. To ensure the safety of prescribed medication through double nurse verification and electronic documentation of administration for “in-the-moment” care

6. To keep guardians informed of students’ health status and medications and to build trusting relationships with students’ families

7. To maintain, store and dispose of medical records on each person treated at the Dehon Health and Family Services Center following state regulations and in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996