Thrift Store & Outreach Runs

Thrift Store

In addition to monetary gifts, friends support St. Joseph’s children and families with gifts of clothing, toiletries and more. Items are offered first to our students and their families through our home, school and outreach programs.

Those items that are surplus or not needed by our children, families or outreach programs, are offered at a nominal cost through our downtown Chamberlain thrift store. All sales help fund programs for the children in our care.

The thrift store also provides an opportunity for interested St. Joseph’s high school students to learn life skills as part-time employees. They learn the importance of a good work ethic and the rewards of financial responsibility.

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Sharing Our Gifts

When blessed with more items at St. Joseph’s Thrift Store than the Chamberlain community can use, we hand-deliver them to people in more than 30 communities throughout South Dakota’s nine reservations.

Deliveries involve clothing, books, toys, diapers, blankets and household essentials. During South Dakota’s harsh winters, they include warm coats, blankets, hats, gloves and more.