A Record Breaking Powwow

Posted on: September 9, 2019

On, Sept. 21, 2019, 10 drum groups and 157 dancers danced in beautiful Native American regalia at the 43rd Annual St. Joseph’s Indian School powwow in Chamberlain, S.D.

St. Joseph’s Royalty were crowned on campus at the Recreation Center. Jordin Hawk, sixth grade, was crowned Miss St. Joseph’s and Makaia Hurley, fifth grade, was crowned Junior Miss St. Joseph’s. Andrelazane Dubray, fifth grade, was named Eagle Staff Bearer.

A record number of 520 benefactors attended this year’s event from across the world.

Every year, St. Joseph’s Indian School is honored to host a traditional children’s Lakota powwow that welcomes all students, families, extended families, donors, and visitors as they celebrate the connections to tradition and spiritualty, to the Earth and to one another in a social, personal, and spiritual setting on its campus. The students take a lot of pride and joy in being able to express themselves through traditional Lakota song and dance. Boys and girls compete in a royalty competition every year, where each candidate submits an application as well as dance to display their talents and knowledge about their culture. “When I dance in regalia, I feel proud and happy, and I hope other people feel the same way,” expressed one student who competed for Jr. Miss St. Joseph’s.

Powwow Results

Jr Boys Categories

1. Hehaka Akisha Little
2. Jaxon End of Horn
3. Andre Dubray
4. Wreyin Roubideaux
5. Xavier Sevier
6. Blayze LaRoche


1. Isaiah Two Hawks
2. Hunter Roach
3. Brayden Thunder Shield
4. Gunner Big Crow
5. Leonard “Yamni” Sharpfish
6. Asanti Aguilara


1. Hokie Lehauli
2. Hadley McGhee

Jr Girls Categories

1. Chloe Medicine Bird
2. Winita Moves Camp
3. Brianna Drapeau
4. Kaylee Andrews
5. Emilia Provancial
6. Americka American Horse


1. Maddy Medicine Bird
2. Nakia Lee Little
3. Makaia Hurley
4. Jordin Hawk
5. Josephine Sazue
6. Rayne Grassrope


1. Sofia Fire Cloud
2. Caprice Shields
3. Maci Medicine Bird
4. Alayna Wilson
5. Kaylee Summers
6. Jalonna Eagle

Teen Boys Categories

1. Ari Black Bear
2. Jacquice Sioux Bob
3. Jordan Fool Bull


1. Max Sevier
2. Treshawn Walters
3. Trinity Sazue


1. Sheldon Stewart

Teen Girls Categories

1. Lowan Makes Room For Them
2. Hannah Roubideaux
3. Mariah Quigley/Bethanie Lone Elk


1. MyKenzie Roulard
2. Samantha Sevier
3. Paige Kills Plenty


1. Josette Pretty Sounding Flute
2. Madison Cottier
3. Sheresa McCloud

The powwow is always free and open to the public with handicap accessibility. For more information and a complete schedule of events for next year’s powwow, please contact St. Joseph’s Indian School at 605-234-3313 or visit stjo.org/powwow.

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