Health Center Nurse – Provider

Posted on: March 20, 2024
This position is located in: Chamberlain

Summary of Position

The Health Center LPN or RN Provider Nurse is responsible for providing general nursing services to clients of
St. Joseph’s Indian School including students, staff, and staff dependents with focus on the scheduled provider
clinic. The position participates in all aspects of the Health Center’s functions and procedures. This is an
exempt position.


Reports to the Director of Health and Wellness

Core Responsibilities

 Supports and models the Catholic Mission and the Native American Culture that are the foundations of
St. Joseph’s Indian School.
 Promotes a reclaiming environment for all students through the Circle of Courage.
 Supports health and wellness initiatives.
 Maintains privacy, confidentiality and security of patient information at all times.


1. Collaborates with the Health Center Receptionist in scheduling patients for clinic appointments, followup procedures, and referrals.
2. Directs and completes the clinical process such as gathering pre-appointment information, rooming
the patient, assisting Provider as necessary, and managing related follow-up care.
a. Assists Providers during specialized on-campus procedures.
3. Oversees Provider Clinic-related staff/dependent patient referrals and follow-up instructions including
gathering necessary medical information and managing follow-up needs.
a. Coordinates and collaborates for Provider Clinic-related complex student case appointments,
follow-up care, and communication.
4. Assists with the collection of Provider Clinic and general Health Center Performance and Quality
Improvement data to contribute to the organization’s strategic plan.
5. Participates in nurse-patient visits when not in scheduled Provider Clinic, including assessment,
diagnosis, and developing a treatment care plan with necessary follow-up, including determining if the
patient needs further Medical Provider evaluation and effective education and communication to
patient, guardian, and student care team as directed per policy.
6. During the school-year, is scheduled for rotating nurse on-call status, which may require assessment
and evaluation of students, after hours, for serious injury or illness. As necessary, administers
emergency medical care and/or transports students to a local medical facility for further medical
assessment and treatment.
a. Staffs Provider Clinic during summer break, in-lieu of summer nurse on-call rotation.
7. Provides continuity of patient care by ensuring patient and guardian contact regarding Provider visit,
instructions, and follow-up care.
Job Description: Health Center Nurse – Provider 06/06/2023 Page | 2
a. Communicates with students/guardians/houseparents and employees/dependents regarding
diagnostic test results, coordinates medical and/or home follow-up care/appointments, and
orders medication(s).
8. Communicates and manages Provider Standing Orders for students and staff/dependents.
9. Using proficiency in laboratory skills, assists with performing diagnostic procedures to assess and
identify the patient’s health care needs.
a. Includes lab oversight specifically for Provider instruments.
10. Administers prescribed injections, medications, vaccines, and treatments in accordance with approved
nursing techniques.
a. Includes Vaccine Fridge lead.
11. Maintains accurate electronic and paper medical records for nurse-patient visits including
documentation and updating medications.
12. Completes annual HIPAA training and other required organization trainings.
13. Responsible for upholding and abiding by Health Center specific and organizational policies,
procedures, and standing orders.
14. Reports, immediately any type of abuse or neglect, suspected or alleged, to the proper authorities.
15. Performs other responsibilities as required by the Director of Health and Wellness.


 South Dakota Nursing License as LPN or RN
 Pass Certified Background Check
 CPR Certification

Physical Demands

 Uses both hands and wrists repetitively for prolonged periods.
 May be required to assist in the transportation of students.

Expectations of Hours Worked

At least 40 hours/week.