High School Academic Advisor

Posted on: May 24, 2023
This position is located in: Chamberlain

Summary of Position


The High School Academic Advisor is a 10-month position that provides educational support and assistance for students regarding their schoolwork. The Academic Advisor also guides students concerning their academic plans and progress, schedule, and other academic activities leading to high school graduation. This is an exempt position.




Reports to the High School Residential Coordinator


Core Responsibilities

  • Supports and models the Catholic Mission and the Native American Culture that are the foundations of St. Joseph’s Indian School.
  • Promotes a reclaiming environment for all students through the Circle of Courage.




  1. Serves as a tutor for St. Joseph’s Indian School high school students. Provides learners with subject-specific information and employs study aides to assist with daily work and preparation for upcoming tests and quizzes.


  1. Functions as a liaison with Chamberlain High School to support their work and involvement with St. Joseph’s high school students and their academics. Facilitates parent-teacher conferences with CHS and high school houseparents. Handles forms and funds for student meals at CHS.


  1. Monitors the CHS Parent Portal daily. Compiles a missing assignment list for each student and sends weekly reports to the high school administration, Family Service Counselors, and each home.


  1. Reviews grades for incentive money for students on a quarterly basis. This includes requesting, dispensing, and reporting amounts to the Residential Coordinator and Director.  


  1. Sets up Academic Review meetings and track performance and progress for students who fall below the 2.0 GPA requirement.


  1. Develops the tutoring schedule for students, including those required to attend regularly, such as freshmen and those on Academic Agreements. Communicates this information with Houseparents and other staff who work with students.


  1. Tracks and compiles information needed for Performance and Quality Improvement to be submitted monthly or as requested. Maintains statistics on student academic progress throughout the program.


  1. Provides assistance to high school students with regard to ACT registration, preparation, and testing.


  1. Coordinates student involvement in the Lakota Nation Invitation Quiz Bowl and Art Show, providing team leadership. Is responsible for students during this event, including overnights.


  1. Assists in planning and coordinating incentive trips for students. Looks for other educational opportunities for students throughout the year.


  1. Assists the High School Administration with the 8th grade selection process in regard to High School planning for the coming year. Also participates in Freshmen Orientation.


  1. Assists the Transition Specialist in offering post-secondary counseling and chaperoning college visits which may include weekends and overnights.


  1. Immediately reports any type of abuse or neglect, suspected or alleged, as well as any serious accidents or illnesses affecting the student.


  1. Completes other responsibilities as required by the High School Residential Coordinator.



  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. 
  • Teaching certificate preferred.


Physical Demands

  • Uses both hands and wrists repetitively for prolonged periods.


Working Conditions

  • Sunday – Thursday 1:00pm -9:00pm