Looking for a Sports Administrator? Look No Further Than This St. Joseph’s Indian School Scholarship Recipient

Posted on: February 24, 2023

Jeremy Herron will graduate in May of this year from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colo., with a degree in Sports Administration. He is ready to take on the future. A 2016 graduate of St. Joseph’s Indian School’s High School Program, Herron is a nine-time recipient of the school’s scholarship program, which was started in 1985 to support Native Americans pursuing higher education.

Herron is one of 67 Native American scholars nationwide receiving a total of $95,000 in spring-semester funding. The awards bring the total for the school year to a record $213,970. This spring, the school granted awards to 16 St. Joseph’s alums, nine alum family members and 42 other scholars enrolled in a federally recognized tribe and pursuing higher education.

An enrolled member of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, Herron first set his heart on a Sports Administration career while taking a class from Mrs. West at Chamberlain High School. Sports Administration is a dynamic, growing industry that covers a range of behind-the-scenes opportunities that promote and enhance the business side of sports. “It’s full of fun and possibility,” said life-long sports enthusiast Herron. He played linebacker for Fort Lewis College.

Herron’s advice to high school graduates: “Go your pace. Life’s not a race.” His wisdom came from his own experience when the pressure to immediately succeed on a four-year-degree track backfired on him. After his first two years, he took two off. He feels the time off greatly benefited him when he returned to the classroom to sprint to the finish line. “I know more about life stuff and school stuff now,” he said, “And it has really helped.”

After graduation, Herron hopes to begin his career in the Durango area. “I was born in Montana, so I am naturally a snow person.” He hikes in the local mountains when he isn’t attending school or working one of two jobs. Herron especially enjoys discovering what is hidden around the bend – a meadow, a waterfall or some other surprise.  

The scholarship is made possible through the generosity of the school’s donors. Financial need and academic performance are the basis for determining the awards. Applications are due each fall and spring and are awarded based on proof of tribal enrollment, the number of applicants and available funds. Also considered are returning scholars who are continuing their education journey.