St. Joseph’s Implementation of PolicyTech Heralded in Case Study

Posted on: December 29, 2022

St. Joseph’s Indian School recently implemented a policy and procedure management system called PolicyTech as part of continual efforts to provide the best possible service to the students and families it serves. The implementation is featured in a case study on the Navex Global website. The immediate access to consistent policies and procedures afforded by the software means all staff has the information and tools needed to respond to circumstances that might arise while caring for students.

“Families who choose to send their children to St. Joseph’s Indian School appreciate the opportunities and better education that the school provides. However, it can be difficult to send their children into the care of others for some time. PolicyTech reassures them that while their children are away from home, they will receive consistent care across campus: school, campus residence, health care, recreation, local community and on excursions away from campus,” said Executive Director of Child Services for the school, Jennifer Renner-Meyer.

St. Joseph’s operates 24/7 during most months of the year, with students and staff onsite at all times. Because of the “always-on” nature of the organization, quick access to policies and procedures is critical, especially in the case of health events. Quick access is vital when staff members need to make decisions and act without hesitation.

“We always have on-call people to come in at a moment’s notice. It has been phenomenal with PolicyTech to search for needed procedures on the phone. You don’t have to quickly run to your office to find a file to print, find a paper copy, or carry a binder when you’re on call. It’s just so much easier to access on your phone,” said Data and Program Analyst Michelle Eggers.

PolicyTech is an integral part of the culture of ethics and transparency at St. Joseph’s, allowing them to consistently execute on their mission as an apostolate of the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, to partner with Native American children and families to educate for life-mind, body, heart, and spirit.

PolicyTech is currently being used by about half of the organization. Plans are to roll out the software out to all areas of the school in the coming months. With increased use and adoption, the goal is to continue streamlining communication regarding policies and ensuring that all staff can easily access information needed to pursue their mission.