My St. Joe Story

The Native American culture knows the value of storytelling to pass on culture, teach and bring healing and wholeness. A wise theologian once said, “We are the stories God tells. Our very lives are the words God speaks.” Watch and listen as a guardian, student or staff member shares a story of St. Joseph’s Indian School.

Jackie Bottomley

Krista Lepkowski

LaRayne Woster

Foster Iverson

Annie Schoenhard

Travis Hallock

Jennie Schilling

Bryan Rinehart


Darcy Belitz

Shannon Grant

Emily Swanson

Fr. Bernie Rosinski

Michelle Eggers

Nancy LeBeau

Lance Spears

Trond Peterson

Jessica Sazue

Wanda Bunker

Robyn Knecht

Evan Fleury

Melissa Hall

Mark Schoenhard

Norman and Lilli Oliver   

Joe Tyrell

Kim Kontz

Dixie Thompson

Ron Byers

Stephanie Peterson

Scott Woster

Karla Herman

Melissa McDonald

Benny and Angela Medrano

Colton Anderson

Odis Cosgrove