St. Joseph’s Indian School’s Powwow Makes a Joyous Return

Posted on: September 19, 2022

On September 17, 2022, St. Joseph’s Indian School hosted its 46th Annual Wačhípi (Powwow). The event was the first public wačhípi since the start of the pandemic. Seven drum groups participated, including the school’s own Pahá Makȟásaŋ Lowáŋpi – the Chalk Hills Singers. Close to 400 of the school’s benefactors from around the globe were on hand for the celebration.

Jubilant is the word that best describes the celebration of connections to tradition, spirituality, Uŋčí Makhá (Grandmother Earth) and all humanity. Moreover, it was an experience of the students’ culture, which St. Joseph’s Indian School dedicates itself to supporting. Nearly 100 St. Joseph’s students danced in the event, which drew 49 additional youth from the surrounding area to commpete.

Adding to the joyous nature of the wačhípi was a record attendance of 79 of the school’s alums who came to campus for the celebration. The school celebrated their presence with drawings for star quilts and other prizes.

Powwow dance competition results:

Jr. Boys Categories






1. Blaze LaRoche

Caden Lopez

Brayden Thunder Shield

2. Xavier Sevier

Traevin Roubideaux

Chantz Middletent

3. Romeo Roubideaux

Gunner Big Crow

Jayden Munoz

4. Patrick Big Eagle

Misun Monje

Tysin Cournoyer

5. Lucien Gilette


Victor Peneaux

6. Zane Bianas


Jacob Standing Bear




Jr. Girls Categories






1. Josephine Sazue

Aleigha LaRoche

Maribella Archambeau

2. Americka American Horse

Crystal Franklin

Avayah Skunk

3. Secret Loudner

Persayis Swift Hawk

Alexavia Taken Alive

4. Emilee Black Spotted Horse

Marlena Blaine

Adrianna McCauley

5. Say’Dee Summers

Kayleigha Carpenter

Antonia Black Moon

6. Dallas Hanson

Sophia Yellow Earrings

Angel Stead




Teen Boys Categories






1. Syrus Butzin

Oyate Monje

Memphis Joseph

2. John Estes



3. Jaxon End of Horn






Teen Girls Categories






1. Clarysia Cooke

Jalonna Eagle

Tina Shields

2. Louan Makes Room for Them

Sherrilynn Wise Spirit

Angelina Roubideaux

3. Emilia Provancial

Gabriela Blacksmith

Aubrea Charger


The wačhípi is an annual event, free and open to the public with handicap accessibility. For more information and a schedule of events for next year’s wačhípi, please contact St. Joseph’s Indian School at 605-234-3313 or visit