2020 High School Graduates Announced

Posted on: June 16, 2020

2020 High School graduates announced. St. Joseph’s Indian School is proud to announce the graduation of Diana Williams and Nick Stands from its high school program, which partners with Chamberlain High School. A video posted on the St. Joseph Family Connections Facebook page celebrated their accomplishment on May 15. Both worked hard and met the requirements for graduation, according to 7-12th Grade Residential Director Travis Hallock. As part of the program, students reside on St. Joseph’s campus where they receive support during their high school years and plan for the future.

Nick plans to begin basic training in the United States Marine Corps in the fall. Graduation is the finale of his ten years at St. Joseph’s Indian School. He expressed gratitude to his parents Nicole Bordeaux and Ken Stands for being there for him, Houseparents Tim and Jess Sams for never giving up on him, Houseparents Leonard and Elise Montoya for making him feel welcome and Counselor Rob West for helping him through. He advises younger students to not act like they know it all and to be open-minded, mindful and persistent. He says to them, “Stay focused on school work, and work hard.”

Diana plans to attend South Dakota State University in January 2021 where she will study to be a traveling Neonatal Intensive Care nurse. Diana started St. Joseph’s Indian School in her freshman year. She notes fond memories of Crane Home and the impact the girls and houseparents had on her life. While in school, Diana worked as a Certified Nurse Assistant at Sanford. A fun fact most don’t know about her is that she has eight siblings. Her mother Kristy Big Eagle and sister, Trudy, have been her biggest supporters. If she could be someone famous for a day, she would be Oprah Winfrey because of her ambition and drive to do good. This echoes her advice to younger students, “You are the only person who can push yourself to do good and be good. No one else is going to do it for you.” She would love to have dinner with her grandma who passed because she always made her laugh.

Both Williams and Stands will officially graduate from Chamberlain High School on June 27, 2020. The ceremony will be lived streamed and each graduate will receive a limited amount of tickets for their family to attend in person.

St. Joseph’s Indian School staff wish both graduates the best of luck as they celebrate a major milestone and get ready to enter a new adventure.

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