St. Joseph’s Indian School Celebrates the St. Joe Bunch

Posted on: August 11, 2022

August 9, 2022, St. Joseph’s Indian School All Staff Orientation in Our Lady of the Sioux Chapel was the occasion to celebrate employees with milestone anniversaries. St. Joseph’s Indian School considers its employees their most valuable asset and celebrates its family-first culture where employees value teamwork, faith and Lakota culture.

Livening up the awards presentation was a custom video of the St. Joe Bunch set to the tune of the sitcom “The Brady Bunch” with portraits of those celebrated stacked checkerboard style on the screen. Rounding out the recognition, staff with “workiversaries” received a jacket and certificate.

President Mike Tyrell noted that the organization and student success across campus do not happen without recognizing and celebrating the service of staff.  “We have a very dedicated group of employees. One measure of this is the longevity of our employees. It is hard not to be thankful to each person for their unique and dedicated service to our mission,” said Tyrell.

40 years

Tom Thomas, Facilities Manager 

35 years

Tim Jording, Operator/PC Specialist

Mark Klein, Director of Production

25 Years

Neoma Harris, Director of Integrated Marketing

Chris Pazour, Vehicle Supervisor

Julie Soulek, Corporate Services Special Projects

Rob West, Family Service Counselor

20 Years

Miles Bradley, Principal Programmer Analyst, retired

Deb Byre, Mail Processor

Melissa Chmela, Special Projects Manager

Dee Handel, 1-6 Grade Residential Director

Brock Sundall, Teacher

Vic Twamley, Plumber

15 Years

Gary Dominiack, Electronics Supervisor

Darby Klein, Technology Manager

Teena Mosel, Special Education

Lloyd Siberz, Houseparent

10 Years

Jackie Bottomley, Custodian

Rachel Butzin, Art Teacher

Kody Christianson, Mission Advocacy Manager

Robin Helton, Special Education, retired

Gina McManus, Computer Ed, Tech

Stephanie Peterson, 9-12 Residential Director

Pam Shroyer, Personal Living Skills Teacher

Eric Storms, Electrician

5 years

Colton Anderson, Residential Liaison

Santana Andrade, Mission Advocate

Lucy Ashley, Houseparent

Preston Chmela, Production Equipment Tech

Jamee Keatts, Paraprofessional

Kim Kontz, Office & Community Relations Manager, Native Hope

Krista Lepkowski, Transition Specialist

Tammy Lovejoy, Mission Advocate

Jenna McDonald, Nurse

Ellen Moss, Houseparent

Mark Nesladek, Custodian

Cassandra Scholl, Videographer & Social Media Assistant

Denise Schroeder, Houseparent

Richard Schroeder, Houseparent

Lloyd Skustad, Carpenter


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