Third Grade Makes History with Wax Museum at St. Joseph’s Indian School

Posted on: March 10, 2022

When St. Joseph’s Indian School’s third-grade teachers, Melissa McDonald and Jen Overweg, put on a history lesson, it’s anything but the yawn-inspiring session you might have experienced as a child. Their students actually “make history,” playing the part of celebrated people from the past.

The result this past Thursday was eleven students dressed head to toe in period clothing related to a historical figure of their choice. Each child had studied their person and prepared to act the part. When prompted by the push of a button, the wax-still students came to life and recited their biographies.

Dr. Sally Ride and Jackie Robinson were among the celebrities. Isabella Peneaux explained that she chose to portray Dr. Ride, because she went into outer space and did a lot of other wonderful things with her life.

Jayden Munoz played a superb Jackie Robinson. “I chose to do him because I used to play baseball, and the Dodgers are my favorite team,” he said.

Not one third grader was absent. There were a few nerves, but more smiles and giggles. It was job well done.

Madame Tussauds, you’ve got competition.