Hóčhoka – St. Joseph’s Indian School Podcast, Season 5

Hóčhoka podcast returns to the airwaves this January 22 with Season 5, offering 16 more episodes that engage the viewer/listener in the conversation about Native American education today. St. Joseph’s Indian School hopes you enjoy learning about the people and ideas that make our school the special place our families tell us it is.

Season 5 Teaser

Join us for Season 5 when:

  • Dr. Damian Costello joins us again to provide fresh perspectives on Catholicism through and indigenous lens. We talk about Lakota Star Knowledge, St Patrick: Celtic and Indigenous, and Sundance and the Paschal Mysteries.
  • We hear what Fr. Vien Nguyen, Superior Provincial of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, had to say at the 615-day mark.
  • We learn about three upcoming good reads by Joseph Marshall III, and he teaches three episodes on lessons from the traditional bow and arrow.
  • Four visiting members of the Coalition on Residential Excellence share their time with us, with a reprise “Tell Me More” between former student Basic Eagle star and Sean Milner of Baptist Children’s Home.
  • Sr. Cathy Bertrand asks us, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
  • Author and Oglala Lakota Ledger Artist Donald Montileaux discusses his stories and conducts an illustrating lesson in Librarian Claire Nehring’s room.

Episode 1

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the firmament proclaims the works of his hands.” So begins Psalm 19. “We sell our ancestral traditions short if we don’t delve deeper into what that means,” says Dr. Damian Costello. Listen as he gives us another fresh perspective on Catholicism through an Indigenous lens.

Episode 2

Did you know that of the 2,336 characters on 345 of the most popular TV shows airing between 1987 and 2007, only three were Native American? Sixty-two percent of non-Native Americans report not knowing a single one of the over five million Native people in the U.S., 70% of whom live in urban areas. And then, there is the issue of stereotypes. What if well-known and gifted storyteller Joseph Marshall III wanted to change that landscape?

Episode 3

What goes on in 615 days in the life of the Provincial Superior of the Priests of the Sacred Heart in the United States? Roughly half-way through his three-year term, Fr. Vien Nguyen is here to give us an up-close-and-personal account.

Episode 4

It’s been eleven months since we asked the question, “What happens when a high school senior interviews a residential school administrator?” We found out in Season 3, and we’re here again today to find out what happens when Basil Eagle Star and Sean Milner meet again almost one year later.

Episode 5

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men,” says today’s guest quoting Frederick Douglass, who 200 years later continues to inspire social workers and human rights activists worldwide. Our guest is Milton Hershey’s AJ Rinaldi, a man committed to building strong children, particularly by being better youth workers. Let’s get to know him.

Episode 6

Prosetelize. Evangelize. Catechize. Supporting the spiritual dimension of life with children and adolescents in residential care is difficult to get right. Join our conversation with Michelle Maikoetter of Cal Farley’s to talk about lessons her organization has learned along the way.

Episode 7

When average Americans think about St. Patrick, they likely conjure up images of parades, shamrocks and green beer. “There is much more to this legendary guy,” says Dr. Damian Costello. As Patrick’s feast day is near, we share a two-part series on this fabled saint and the important lessons his life holds about human nature and ultimate meaning.

Episode 8

What happens when a jaded adolescent living in Roman luxury and urban pretension finds himself transplanted to a tribal society with deep connections to the land? What lesson does his story contain for us? Bonus: Listen and enjoy the “Deer’s Cry,” sung by St. Joseph’s Sicangu Lakota Native American Studies Associate Sharla Krogman.

Episode 9

What do you want to be when you grow up? Today we ask this question to a mostly grown-up audience. Why? Because, no matter what you do, Sr. Cathy Bertrand wants you to know you matter, it matters and even the smallest act or word of kindness you offer in this world makes a difference. Think about it.

Episode 10

The Sundance and the Paschal Mysteries – the great, annual religious ceremonies of the Lakota and Christian traditions. Let’s talk about their surprising similarities and very important differences as Dr. Damian Costello provides another fresh perspective.

Episode 11

A simple ash-wood bow. A willow arrow. What can these two things teach us about life? Listen as Joseph Marshall III unpacks the power and beauty of lessons from the bow and arrow in a three-part series, here on Hóčhoka.

Episode 12

Some tout the elegance of simplicity. And, nowadays it seems everyone is talking about “Ikigai,” the Japanese word-become-buzzword for purpose. It is said to be the secret to a long and happy life. But it has been more than a decade since Joseph Marshall III drew on centuries-old Lakota wisdom to write about simplicity and purpose as characteristics of a life well lived. 

Episode 13

Strength and resiliency – these are perhaps two sides of the same coin. The apostle Paul would say, in my weakness I am strong. Let’s hear what Joseph Marshall III says about the traditional Lakota bow and arrow and the power that comes from overcoming adversity.

Episode 14

What do an impromptu visit to a friend’s house, a pick-up basketball game, going on an out-of-state trip or cultural activities have to do with a healthy residential environment for kids? We’re about to find out from the Executive Director of the Coalition of Residential Excellence.

Episode 15

What happens when a beloved Lakota artist joins ranks with the traditional tribal storytellers who used their wisdom and gifted voices to paint pictures of wonderful, magical animals and colorful birds on the walls of young people’s minds? To borrow some words from Donald Montileaux himself, this one is for all those children whose eyes dance in the firelight as he creates words and images that jump boldly from the pages of his books and into young imaginations.

Episode 16

What happens when Lakota author and artist Donald Montileaux collaborates with our Librarian Claire Nehring and her students to create an illustrating project? Let’s listen in.

The podcast is directed at internal and external audiences and will vary by topic. Audiences might include employees, potential employees, families and students, the general public, supporters, advocates, educators and donors.

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