Hóčhoka – St. Joseph’s Indian School Podcast, Season 1

Podcasts are among the fastest-growing communication channels worldwide as organizations find more ways to reach their audiences directly through channels they own and control. St. Joseph’s Indian School has a video podcast series to showcase the people and ideas that make our school the special place our families tell us it is.

Season 1 Trailer

Season 1 guests and topics include:

Episode 1

Host Mike Tyrell speaks with Hóčhoka podcast host Scott Woster about St. Joseph Indian School’s new podcast. The two share the season line up and insights from the production process.

Episode 2

Our parents asked us to tell about the positive parenting methods we use, and we’re responding. How do we turn a problem situation into a positive learning experience? In this episode St. Joseph’s Indian School’s Student Coordinator Jennie Schilling tells us about the big differences the school makes in students’ lives by meeting them where they are and turning challenges into opportunities.

Episode 3

In Part II of this three-part series called “Kid Whispering,” St. Joseph’s Indian School’s Student Coordinator Jennie Schilling explains the way that the school helps students to recognize and manage behavior issues and learn the new skills needed to navigate difficulty.

Episode 4

Success is a concept. What does it look like? Feel like? What about failure? In Part III of our series on Kid Whispering, Transition Specialist Krista Lepkowski knows it well and tames the concept in her vital work with students at St. Joseph’s Indian School as she supports students in their transition into life beyond their high school years.

Episode 5

Where do you find hope for Lakota cultural identity? Award-winning author and storyteller Joseph Marshall III has hope for the mechanism of storytelling to revive community and identity for his people. Listen here for the wisdom he shares on Hóčhoka.

Episode 6

“Know where you came from,” advises award-winning author and storyteller Joseph Marshall III as he reflects on the wisdom of his grandfather who would remind him to look back down the path they had traveled. Cultural identity depends on this kind of memory and language revitalization.

Episode 7

Legendary Lakota Leader Sitting Bull had a vision before the battle of Greasy Grass that included this message, “Do not take anything that belongs to them.” Join award-winning author and storyteller Joseph Marshall III as he discusses the debate on the meaning of the vision and how it pertains to cultural identity today.

Episode 8

Hear the fascinating story of how the Lakota bow and arrow get their form and function from the natural world and hold Lakota cultural authenticity. Lakota author and storyteller Joseph Marshall III uses the bow and arrow to relate practical advice for restoring cultural identity. Listen here for the wisdom he shares on Hóčhoka.

Episode 9

Cultural and familial stories hold the seeds of cultural identity. Award-winning author and storyteller Joseph Marshall III traditional Lakota stories and shares his family narratives to illustrate the power and richness of stories. Listen here for the wisdom he shares on Hóčhoka.

Episode 10

“To be a good person is the right thing to do,” says author and storyteller Joseph Marshall III in expressing the first purpose for living. He and hosts Scott Woster and Hope McCloskey explore the role of place, purpose and history in restoring Lakota cultural identity.

Episode 11

What was this fascination with the numbers 4 and 7? Why did she love storms and the red earth of South Dakota’s Black Hills? Listen as St. Joseph’s Indian School’s LaRayne Woster tell the story of her personal journey to a strong Lakota Cultural Identity and how she encourages her students to follow the same path.

Episode 12

Learn about the Native discovery of Christianity that pre-dates forced assimilation and the scripture passage wherein Black Elk found new power in the new world that was thrust upon him. What does all of this have to do with the trauma that still needs healing today? Join Hóčhoka and listen to leading Black Elk expert Dr. Damian Costello.

Episode 13

What happened when Black Elk took the same spirit of openness that led to his discovery of Christianity in Europe and brought it to his encounter with Native Christianity in the Ghost Dance movement at home? Learn what happened as he wrestled with his vision and these discoveries. Hear about opportunities missed in the Lakota Christian encounter. Join Hóčhocka and Black Elk expert, Dr. Damian Costello.

Episode 14

Did Black Elk choose Christianity as a sell-out or a survivor? What does 1 Corinthians 13 have to do with it? Join us on Hóčhoka as Dr. Damian Costello answers these questions and helps us tease out the complementary aspects of Lakota and Christian spiritual traditions to arrive at something even bigger.

The podcast is directed at internal and external audiences and will vary by topic. Audiences might include employees, potential employees, families and students, the general public, supporters, advocates, educators and donors.

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