Hóčhoka – St. Joseph’s Indian School Podcast, Season 2

Podcasts are among the fastest-growing communication channels worldwide as organizations find more ways to reach their audiences directly through channels they own and control. St. Joseph’s Indian School has a video podcast series to showcase the people and ideas that make our school the special place our families tell us it is.

Season 2 Teaser

Season 2 guests and topics include:

  • Fr. Tom Cassidy, SCJ, and a team of houseparents join us in a three-part series about the transition from dormitories to residences and the vital role of the houseparent.
  • Dr. Damian Costello, a Catholic theologian who specializes in Indigenous spiritual traditions and serves as Director of Post Graduate Studies at NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community, provides fresh perspectives on Catholicism through an Indigenous lens.
  • Sičháŋǧu Lakota author Joseph Marshall III speaks in a two-part series on Lakota Leadership. The two-part series is capped by the school’s Native American Studies Lead and Sičháŋǧu Lakota LaRayne Woster on the Seventh Grade Cultural Trip that forms students into leaders at St. Joseph’s Indian School.
  • Makȟa Black Elk and Fr. Mike Carson speak in a three-part series on Native American Boarding School Truth and Healing.
  • Fr. Tom Cassidy, SCJ, Makȟa Black Elk and Mission Integration Director Joe Tyrell explore the Dehonian, Lakota and Catholic spirit that inspires us.

Episode 1

In this first in a three-part series on residential life at St. Joseph’s Indian School, we speak to Fr. Tom Cassidy, SCJ, who led the school from 1977 to 1986, about the shift from dormitories to family living units.

Episode 2

Who is a houseparent? What do they do? Why choose this career? Listen as seasoned Houseparent Odis Cosgrove explains his role in the life of Native American students at St. Joseph’s Indian School.

Episode 3

Running a home with 12 students means at least a dozen opportunities daily for laughter, growth and patience. Listen as the best of St. Joseph’s Indian School share the joy and wisdom they have garnered along the way.

Episode 4

October is the month of the rosary, and as it draws near, Dr. Damian Costello says, get out your rosary to honor Enriquillo. His feast day is September 27, Día del Héroe De Bahoruco in the Dominican Republic. Pray the rosary and send up your voice with Enriquillo, the first Indigenous Christian we know of, champion of the rosary and authentic freedom. 

Episode 5

In this first in a two-part series on Lakota Leadership, Joseph Marshall III, award-winning author, cultural and historical consultant, teacher, craftsman, administrator, actor and public speaker, unwraps his statement, “True leadership is only possible when character is more important than authority.”

Episode 6

In this second in a two-part series on Lakota Leadership, Joseph Marshall III, award-winning author, cultural and historical consultant, teacher, craftsman, administrator, actor and public speaker, completes our discussion of Lakota leadership and how it can inform parents and the public as we seek to form natural leaders to shape today and the future.

Episode 7

We’ve been speaking with Joseph Marshall III on Lakota Leadership, primarily through the lens of legendary leader Crazy Horse. Today, we learn how St. Joseph’s Indian School travels in the footsteps of Crazy Horse to prepare seventh graders for their leadership roles at the school the following year.

Episode 8

Makȟa Black Elk is Executive Director for Truth and Healing at Red Cloud Indian School in Pine Ridge, S.D., a former Indian boarding school. A descendant of boarding school survivors, he brings a passion for interreligious dialogue to his work advocating for truth and healing in Catholic ministries and schools serving indigenous peoples. He speaks about why this challenging work is so important now and why it is difficult for many to engage in.

Episode 9

In this second of a two-part series, Makȟa Black Elk joins us to explain the impact of boarding school history on Native America today. Makȟa unpacks the living reality of that history for boarding school survivors and descendants and the vital work of truth and healing.

Episode 10

How can faith communities participate in the Truth and Healing needed because of our nation’s boarding school era? Fr. Mike Carson, Assistant Director of Native American Affairs for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, explains the group’s work on the subject and talks about the bishop’s efforts to advance boarding school truth and healing. We look at factors influencing this critical work.

Episode 11

Learn what drives the mission of St. Joseph’s Indian School and the inspiring leader who said, “The Heart of Jesus is overflowing with tenderness and compassion for all those who suffer, those who endure hardships, those who go hungry, and for the sick and the infirm. His is the heart of a father, the heart of a mother, the heart of a shepherd.”

Episode 12

Few things in American life strike a deeper chord than Thanksgiving, says Dr. Damian Costello. Walk with us through the true indigenous roots of the first Thanksgiving feast to come to see and respect the Indigenous way of giving thanks at the heart of this celebration. 

Episode 13

Makȟa Black Elk follows the path of his great great great grandfather Nicholas Black Elk in fully embracing his Lakota heritage and the Catholic faith. He finds no dualism in this approach. Instead, he understands the richness and fullness of this spirituality. Listen to Makȟa and host Scott Woster on Hóčhoka.

Episode 14

Can the Catholic Faith and Lakota tradition emerge from the same spiritual trunk to become the branches that nourish and shelter the students at St. Joseph’s Indian School? Mission Integration Director Joe Tyrell illustrates how Our Lady of the Sioux Chapel is an icon of the bridges between Lakota spirituality and Catholic tradition for life at St. Joseph’s Indian School.

Episode 15

Most of us don’t know how deep the Christmas tree’s roots are says Dr. Damian Costello. He walks us through some history and shares indigenous cultural traditions and other perspectives to bring us full circle to appreciate the secret indigenous life of the Christmas Tree.

The podcast is directed at internal and external audiences and will vary by topic. Audiences might include employees, potential employees, families and students, the general public, supporters, advocates, educators and donors.

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